U-WATERLOO Undergraduate Academic Calendar 2023 – 2024

University of Waterloo Undergraduate Academic Calendar from 2023 Fall to Spring 2024 available. Check UWATERLOO Calendar of Events and Academic Deadlines.

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The Undergraduate Academic Calendar contains Events, Academic Deadlines, examination dates, reading weeks…

Please endeavour to go through the academic calendar to avoid missing out on any important event. University of Waterloo (UWATERLOO) reserves the right to make changes to the current academic calendar for 2023-2024, please schedule out time for monitoring for those changes.

University of Waterloo Undergraduate Academic Calendar from 2023 Fall to Spring 2024

Legend for all Tables

✶ Co-op work terms are expected to be 16 weeks in duration. Actual start and end dates may vary depending on employer or student requirements in consultation with Co-operative Education.
ƱMake-up day in the winter term. The loss of a Friday class on Good Friday (March 29) will be made up by following a Friday schedule on April 8.
ФMake-up day in the spring term. The loss of a Monday class on Victoria Day (May 20) will be made up by following a Monday schedule on May 21.
† Renison Social Work (BSW) students should consult with Renison for relevant term start and end dates.
β Grades for on-campus courses are due in the Office of the Registrar throughout this period. Due dates for specific on-campus courses are normally scheduled seven days from the date of the final examination; those of online courses are due on the last day of the periods specified in the chart below. Grades for courses (on-campus and online) without a scheduled final examination are normally due 14 days after the start of the examinations.

Undergraduate Studies Academic Term Dates and Deadlines

Terms and DeadlinesFall 2023
Winter 2024
Spring 2024
Course Selection PeriodReturning Waterloo students:

May 25 (Th) – June 5 (M)

New Waterloo students:

July 4-11 (T-T)

All students:

Sept. 22 (F) – Oct. 2 (M)

All students:

To be determined

Drop/Add Period appointmentsNew Waterloo students:

July 20-25 (Th-T)

Returning Waterloo students:

July 24-25 (M-T)


All students:

Nov. 20-21 (M-T)

All students:

To be determined

Add Period begins (open enrolment)July 26 (W)Nov. 22 (W)To be determined
Tuition and fees due dateAug. 22 (T)Dec. 14 (Th)Apr. 24 (W)
Fees Arranged Extension fees beginAug. 23 (W)Dec. 15 (F)Apr. 25 (Th)
Co-op Work Term begins *Sept. 5 (T)Jan. 8 (M)May 6 (M)
Classes begin Sept. 6 (W)Jan. 8 (M)May 6 (M)
Add Period endsSept. 19 (T)Jan. 19 (F)May 17 (F)
Make-up day for Victoria Day on May 20 ФNot applicableNot applicableMay 21 (T)

Monday schedule used

Drop deadline to withdraw from classes with 100% tuition refundSept. 26 (T)Jan. 26 (F)May 27 (M)
Drop with WD begins: WD (Withdrew) grade assigned for class(es) droppedSept. 27 (W)Jan. 27 (S)May 28 (T)
Reading WeekOct. 7-15 (S-U)Feb. 17-25 (S-U)N/A
Deadline for 50% tuition refundOct. 20 (F)Feb. 16 (F)June 21 (F)
Drop with WD ends: WD (Withdrew) grade assigned for class(es) droppedNov. 21 (T)Mar. 22 (F)July 16 (T)
Drop with WF begins: WF (Withdrew/Failure) grade assigned for class(es) dropped (Engineering students: See Engineering-specific regulations regarding course load and withdrawal)Nov. 22 (W)Mar. 23 (S)July 17 (W)
Make-up day for Good Friday on March 29 ƱNot applicableApr. 8 (M)

Friday schedule used

Not applicable
Make-up day for Canada Day on July 1Not applicableNot applicable July 29 (M)
Make-up day for May 21Not applicableNot applicableJuly 30 (T)
Classes endDec. 5 (T)Apr. 8 (M)July 30 (T)
Drop with WF ends: last day to drop a class without a petitionDec. 7 (Th)Apr. 10 (W)Aug. 1 (Th)
Co-operative Work Term ends *Dec. 22 (F)Apr. 26 (F)Aug. 23 (F)

These important dates, and more, are available on the Registrar’s Office website.

Examination Dates

 Terms and DeadlinesFall 2023
Winter 2024
Spring 2024
Grades due β  Dec. 6 (W) – Jan. 2 (T)Apr. 9 (T) – Apr. 30 (T)July 31 (W) – Aug. 20 (T)
Pre-examination study day(s)Dec. 6, 7 (W, Th)Apr. 9, 10 (T, W)July 31, Aug. 1 (W, Th)
Final examinations beginDec. 8 (F)Apr. 11 (Th)
Aug. 2 (F)
In-person exam days for online coursesDec. 8, 9 (F, S)
Dec. 13, 16 (W, S)
Apr. 12, 13 (F, S)
Apr. 17, 20 (W, S)
Aug. 9, 10 (F, S)
Aug. 14, 17 (W, F)
Examination on SundaysDec. 10 (U)Not applicableNot applicable
Final examinations endDec. 21 (Th)Apr. 25 (Th)
Aug. 16 (F)
Final examination emergency daysDec. 17 (U)
Dec. 22 (F)
Apr. 14 (U)
Apr. 21 (U)
Apr. 26 (F)
Aug. 11 (U)
Aug. 17 (S)
Unofficial grades begin to appear in QuestDec. 23 (S)Apr. 27 (S)Aug. 18 (U)
Standings and official grades are available in QuestJan. 18 (Th)May 16 (Th)Sept. 12 (Th)

Convocation Dates

Fall 2023 ConvocationSpring 2024 Convocation
October 20-21 (F-S)June 11-15 (T-S)

Visit the Ceremony dates and times page on the Convocation website for specifics.

Holidays and University Closures

Fall 2023 (Sept.-Dec.)

  • Labour Day: Sept. 4 (M)
  • Thanksgiving Day: Oct. 9 (M)
  • Closure for the holiday season: Dec. 23-31 (S-U)

Winter 2024 (Jan.-Apr.)

  • New Year’s Day: Jan. 1 (M)
  • Family Day: Feb. 19 (M)
  • Good Friday: March 29 (F)

Spring 2024 (May-Aug.)

  • Victoria Day: May 20 (M)
  • Canada Day: July 1 (M)
  • Civic Holiday: Aug. 5 (M)

Some University of Waterloo departments may be open for limited service on these days.

Also see list of paid holidays for more holiday date information on the Human Resources website.


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