University of Waterloo Admission Information Form

University of Waterloo Admission Information Form (AIF) is an online form that consists of short answer questions and helps our admissions committees learn more about you.

The Admissions Committee of University of Waterloo uses the AIF in place of personal statements or essays that other universities may require. It’s a required part of the application process for all programs in the Faculties of Engineering and Mathematics, along with the Architecture, Computing and Financial Management, Conditional Admission to Pharmacy, Optometry, and Pharmacy programs.

It’s highly recommended for all other programs.

How to submit University of Waterloo AIF

Start with these steps to submit the Admission Information Form.

  1. Create an account in Quest, our online student information system.
  2. Once you have a Quest account, you can log in and complete the questions before the AIF deadline.
    1. The AIF is not accessible on mobile devices.
    2. Watch videos about how to complete your AIF.
    3. Step-by-step screenshots on our Quest website can also walk you through the process.
    4. Tip: Be sure to click <submit> on each page when completing your form in Quest.
  3. We recommend preparing your answers in advance so that you can check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar before submitting them.
  4. Review common questions about the Admission Information Form.

Submissions deadline

The table below shows the deadlines for all programs.

All programs except the following threeFebruary 19, 2021
 Conditional Admission to Pharmacy (CAP)March 1, 2021
 OptometryOctober 26, 2020
 PharmacyJanuary 25, 2021


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