University of Ottawa Tuition for international students 2022

UOTTAWA Fees 2022/2023 academic session available online. New & Old Students are to check the school fees schedule for their course. Are You wondering How much University of Ottawa Fees for freshers/returning students cost? Congratulations, You’ve come to the right place.

University of Ottawa

The Management of University of Ottawa (UOTTAWA) has released the amount of the tution fee for international students of 2021 / 2022 year. Fees vary based on the programme You are Undertaking. There are different school fees for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.


  • Tuition fees for Canadian residents and new international students will remain the same as in the past two years. Tuition fees for returning international students may change as they progress in their studies.
  • A reminder that, in September 2021, the conditions that apply to differential tuition fee exemptions granted to international students who choose to study in French will change. Please see the Differential Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarship page for more information.
  • There will be a slight increase to some incidental, ancillary and administrative fees. Some of these fees will increase by less than 1%.

Ancillary fee changes for the fall 2021 term

The 2021-2022 academic year will be one of transition, with a range of in-person, hybrid and online courses. We’ll be progressively increasing in-person activities in keeping with public health guidelines and will continue to be flexible as well as meet the high-quality standards that have earned uOttawa our world-class reputation.

Please note the following changes to ancillary fees in the fall 2021 term:

Ancillary fees: The UOSU and the GSAÉD will continue to provide services. We will therefore collect the associated fees, with a few exceptions. Please see Ancillary fees for a comprehensive list.

U-Pass: The U-Pass is a mandatory transit program that came into effect through successful student referendums. All full-time students taking at least one in-person course or lab, completing a CO-OP work term or going on an exchange will be charged automatically for the U-Pass.

University of Ottawa Tuition for international students

Tuition for international students applies to persons:

  • E.  Who do not belong to any of the groups described in ABC or D, or
  • F.  Who, despite belonging to one of the groups in ABC or D, have not submitted their supporting documents before the enrolment deadline. Proof of Citizenship or Permanent Status must be submitted by these deadlines, otherwise Foreign Student Fees will apply. No retroactive status changes will be made:
    • October 31 for the fall term;
    • January 31 for the winter term;
    • June 30 for graduate students enrolled in the spring-summer term (May-August); and
    • July 31 for graduate students enrolled in the summer session (July-August), as well as for undergraduate students enrolled during the spring-summer term or the summer session.

UOttawa Fee calculator 2022

The fee calculator tool helps you to calculate the amount of fee you need.

Start with these steps to calculate your fees.

  1. Go to the fee calculator tool –
  2. Scroll to the fee calculator section
  3. Click the academic session you want to calculate the fee for
  4. Follow the form to get the estimated costs

Important – The total amount displayed by the calculator is only an estimate of your costs to study at the University of Ottawa.

Payment of fees

Paying your University fees

Your Statement of Account reflects the official state of your University of Ottawa account at the time you view it. It is updated regularly. To view it, log into uoZone, click the Applications tab, and click Statement of Account.


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