University of Lethbridge Graduate Programs for International Students 2022

University of Lethbridge (ULETHBRIDGE) offers a range of innovative, relevant, and unique graduate programs for International Students. University of Lethbridge International Programs have requirements that differ from the requirements for domestic applications. The Fees cost for international students tends to be higher.

University of Lethbridge

Aspirants that meet the requirements can apply for University of Lethbridge Graduate Programs for International Students. Master’s degrees require 1 or 2 years of study after completing your bachelor’s degree. In Canada, your master’s studies can include a thesis, practicum, research paper or a course‑based program. PhD and doctoral degrees involve 3 to 5 years of study, including a thesis.


The table below shows the list of graduate programs available at University of Lethbridge (ULETHBRIDGE). They are about 75 graduate programs.

1.Accounting (MSc (Mgt))
2.Addiction and Mental Health Psychotherapy (GD)
3.Addictions Counselling (MSc)
4.Advanced Clinical Study of Addiction (GC)
5.Agricultural Biotechnology (MSc)
6.Agricultural Studies (MA)
7.Agricultural Studies (MSc)
8.Anthropology (MA)
9.Applied Psychology (MC)
10.Archaeology (MA)
11.Archaeology (MSc)
12.Art (MA)
13.Art (MFA)
14.Biochemistry (MSc)
15.Bioinformatics (GC)
16.Biological Sciences (MSc)
17.Biomolecular Science (PhD)
18.Biosystems and Biodiversity (PhD)
19.Canadian Studies (MA)
20.Chemistry (MSc)
21.Computer Science (MSc)
22.Computer Science and GIS (MSC)
23.Counselling Psychology (MEd)
24.Counselling Psychology (PhD)
25.Cultural Resource Management (MA)
26.Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (MA)
27.Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (PhD)
28.Dramatic Arts (MA)
29.Dramatic Arts (MFA)
30.Earth, Space, and Physical Science (PhD)
31.Economics (MA)
32.Education (MA)
33.Education (MEd)
34.Education (PhD)
35.Educational Leadership (MEd)
36.English (MA)
37.Environmental Science (MSc)
38.Epidemiology and Biostatistics (GC)
39.Evolution and Behaviour (PhD)
40.Exercise Science (MSc)
41.Finance (MSc (Mgt))
42.French (MA)
43.French/Spanish (MA)
44.Geography (MA)
45.Geography (MSc)
46.Health Sciences (MSc)
47.Health Sciences – Public Health specialization (MSc)
48.Health Services Management (GC)
49.Health Services Management (MHSM)
50.History (MA)
51.Human Resource Management and Labour Relations (MSc (Mgt))
52.Indigenous Studies (MA)
53.Individualized Multidisciplinary (MA)
54.Individualized Multidisciplinary (MSc)
55.Information Systems (MSc (Mgt))
56.International Management (MSc (Mgt))
57.Kinesiology (MA)
58.Kinesiology (MSc)
59.Marketing (MSc (Mgt))
60.Mathematics (MSc)
61.Music (MA)
62.Music (MMus)
63.Neuroscience (MSc)
64.Neuroscience (PhD)
65.New Media (MA)
66.New Media (MFA)
67.Nursing (MN)
68.Nursing (MSc)
69.Philosophy (MA)
70.Physics (MSc)
71.Policy and Strategy (MSc (Mgt))
72.Political Science (MA)
73.Population Studies in Health (PhD)
74.Psychology (MA)
75.Psychology (MSc)
76.Public Health Program and Policy Planning and Evaluation (GC)
77.Religious Studies (MA)
78.Remote Sensing (MSc)
79.Sociology (MA)
80.Theoretical and Computational Science (PhD)
81.Urban and Regional Studies (MA)
82.Women & Gender Studies (MA)

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