Queen’s University Undergraduate Courses

Queen’s University list of courses or programmes Offered is available as well as leadership, part-time and skills programmes. They also offer E-Learning and Student Support Services.

The main campus is situated at 99 University Ave, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6, Canada.

The QUEENSU has been officially accredited and/or recognized by the respective body in charge of accreditation in Canada.

The Management of Queen’s University(QUEENSU) releases Undergraduate Courses of the Institution online. Below is the list of certificate courses on offer at Queen’s University.


Here is a list of undergraduate courses offered by Queen’s University and all candidates interested in studying at the institution are encouraged to take note:

Art HistoryBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Astronomy and AstrophysicsBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
BiologyBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Biology and MathematicsBachelor’s
Biology and PsychologyBachelor’s
Biomedical ComputingBachelor’s
BiotechnologyBachelor’s, Bachelor’s + Diploma
Chemical EngineeringBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
ChemistryBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Civil EngineeringBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Classical StudiesBachelor’s, Master’s
Cognitive ScienceBachelor’s
Commerce and Law combinedBachelor’s, Juris Doctor
Computer EngineeringBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Computer ScienceBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Computing and MathematicsBachelor’s
Computing and the Creative ArtsBachelor’s
Concurrent EducationBachelor’s
EconomicsBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
EducationBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, Graduate Diploma
Electrical EngineeringBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Engineering ChemistryBachelor’s
Engineering PhysicsBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
English Language and LiteratureBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental BiologyBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental ChemistryBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental Geography (Earth Systems Sciences)Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental GeologyBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental Life SciencesBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental StudiesBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental ToxicologyBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Film and MediaBachelor’s
Fine ArtBachelor’s
French StudiesBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Gender StudiesBachelor’s, Master’s
GeographyBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Geological EngineeringBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Geological SciencesBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Global Development StudiesBachelor’s, Master’s
Health SciencesBachelor’s
Health StudiesBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
HistoryBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
KinesiologyBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Languages, Literatures and CulturesBachelor’s
Liberal StudiesBachelor’s
Life SciencesBachelor’s
Mathematical PhysicsBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Mathematics and EngineeringBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Mathematics and StatisticsBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Mechanical and Materials EngineeringBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Mechatronics and Robotics EngineeringBachelor’s
Media and Performance Production (formerly Stage and Screen Studies)Bachelor’s
Mining EngineeringBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Mining Engineering TechnologyBachelor’s
MusicBachelor’s, Bachelor’s + Diploma
Music TheatreBachelor’s
NursingBachelor’s, Master’s, Graduate Diploma, Doctoral
PhilosophyBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
PhysicsBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Political StudiesBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
PsychologyBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Religious StudiesBachelor’s, Master’s
SociologyBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Software DesignBachelor’s
StatisticsBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral



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