Queen’s University Online Application 2023/2024

The Queen’s University Online Application 2023/2024… Queen’s University Online Application for 2023/2024 is now open.

Queen's University at Kingston

Therefore the Queen’s University encourage prospective students to apply online via application form (Hard-Copy) early as possible for 2023 academic year.

Every student who wants to start a new qualification must apply for admission at Queen’s University Via Queen’s University online application tool. This Queen’s University online application window is open for;

First-time Queen’s University applicants

Queen’s University students changing to a new qualification and specialization

Applicants who previously applied for admission and were not offered a space or who were offered a space, accepted the offer and did not register

students completing a higher certificate or any other programme and who wish to continue with further undergraduate studies

How to Apply Queen’s University Online Application 2023

Use the link below to apply for Queen’s University Online Application

Applications should be submitted as early as possible in the applications cycle, which commences in April of each year.


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