McGill University Admission Requirements 2021-22


The McGill University admission requirements for international students at the undergraduate level have been announced for the 2021/2022 academic session.

McGill University


McGill University English Requirements is also online. Check that you meet the requirements as stated below then proceed to apply for your desired course.

McGill University Undergraduate Admission Requirement

 Proof of English proficiency is an important part of the application process for many applicants to McGill. Determine whether or not you need to submit proof of English ahead of time in order to meet our document submission deadlines.
 Applicants from these countries do not need to submit proof of English.
American Samoa Gibraltar Singapore
Anguilla Grenada Solomon Islands
Antigua & Barbuda Guam South Africa
Australia Guyana St. Helena
Bahamas Ireland St. Kitts & Nevis
Barbados Jamaica St. Lucia
Belize Kenya St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Bermuda Lesotho Tanzania
Botswana Liberia Trinidad & Tobago
British Virgin Islands Malta Turks & Caicos Islands
Canada (including Quebec) Marshall Islands Uganda
Cayman Islands Montserrat United Kingdom
Dominica Namibia USA
Falkland Islands New Zealand US Virgin Islands
Fiji Nigeria Zambia
Gambia Seychelles Zimbabwe
Ghana Sierra Leone  

Cost of Living in McGill

The table shows the estimated cost of living at McGill University.

On-campus (McGill Residences) Off-campus
Housing $8,148 – $13,052
(depending on housing type and length of occupation)
$6,000 – $15,600
(based on a 12-month lease)
Food $5,475 $2,600 (voluntary campus meal plan) – $4,500
Total $13,623 – $18,527 $8,600 – $20,100

McGill University Undergraduate Admission Requirements for American Students

Prerequisites and last year’s cut-offs

Below are the lowest grades used for admission for September 2020.

Grades that are equal to or better than those listed below do not guarantee admission in 2021.

Admission to McGill is competitive and subject to the availability of space. As such, minimum grades for entry may fluctuate up or down in any given year.

Applying as ACT or SAT ‘Test Optional’

If you wish to exclude the requirement for ACT/SAT test scores from your application review for Fall 2021, you must follow the steps below. This will apply to all your application program choices for Fall 2021 and is final once the form has been submitted. If the form is not uploaded, we will consider test scores in the review of your application (the ACT, or the SAT, and at least two SAT Subject Tests. See required SAT Subject Tests by faculty/program above).

If you applied on or before January 15, 2020, your deadline to provide the test optional request form has passed and is no longer available on Minerva. If you have the required SAT/ACT results to provide, have them sent directly from College Board or ACT as soon as possible.

For additional information and FAQs on our requirements for U.S. high school applicants (Fall 2021), please visit for more information.

Instructions on how to submit the McGil University Test Optional form:

For applications to the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences submitted after January 20, 2021 only.

If you did not take the SAT/ACT, do not have results to provide and never uploaded the test optional request form, please refer to steps below.

This form should be uploaded no later than 10 days after the date of your application.

After submitting your application to McGill and receiving your emailed acknowledgment notice (which includes your Minerva ID number and PIN), complete the form following the steps outlined below:

  1. Download the form (
    1. Complete the form, and save it to your device as a PDF
  2. Log in to your Minerva account using your ID number and your PIN.
    1. Select the Applicant menu
    2. Select Admission Application and Documentation Status
    3. Select an application
  3. In the checklist requirements for that application, ‘Confirm to exclude ACT/SAT’ will show on the checklist
    1. Upload the completed PDF form to your ‘Confirm to exclude ACT/SAT’ checklist item
    2. Verify the form has uploaded by the receipt date.
  4. You may have applied to multiple programs; only upload the form once and it will update all program applications that you submitted.

Minimum ACT and SAT score requirements

Applicants must present the ACT or the SAT and at least two SAT Subject Tests

FALL 2021 applicants: In response to the interruption of testing services brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, test optional assessment for ACT/SAT has been adopted for students applying for Fall 2021 admission. Applicants who submit a formal request indicating that they cannot or choose not to submit test results will not be disadvantaged in the admissions review process. This applies to students applying with a U.S. high school diploma to most undergraduate programs*. You must follow the steps in the section entitled “Applying as ACT/SAT ‘test optional’” above to indicate that you are applying as ‘test optional’.

McGill requires those applying on the basis of a US high school diploma to provide ACT or SAT results by the published deadline. Minimum values for admission are set annually for the ACT composite and section sub scores for each program as well as for the SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject tests.

Applicants taking the ACT test to provide McGill with the ACT composite score and four-section sub scores: English, Math, Reading and Science Reasoning. Some applicants retake the ACT test and submit multiple composite scores and subscores to McGill. In such cases, to be considered for admission, the applicant must achieve the composite score determined by McGill in at least one of the test sittings.

Applicants taking the SAT test to provide McGill with SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing, SAT Math and SAT Subject Test scores at the threshold set for the particular test and program for that year. Applicants can take tests and submit scores multiple times. McGill will consider the highest scores in each SAT test in its admission decision.

We cannot precisely predict minimum scores in advance.

When an otherwise strong applicant is missing one or more SAT subject test scores, at the discretion of the Admission Officer it may be possible to substitute it with the same subject AP exam score(s) of 4 or 5. AP Statistics cannot serve as a replacement for an SAT math subject. Any AP exam results used for such replacement must be received by the applicable documentation deadline. Where appropriate, applicants will be asked by the Admission Officer via their Minerva checklist to provide a copy of the score(s).


Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 670
(for Engineering and Architecture)

SAT subject tests

Literature 610 Chinese/Chinese L 570
American History 600 French/French L 590
World History 590 German/German L 570
Math I 570 Hebrew 500
Math II/IIC 550 Italian 570
Biology 590 Japanese/Japanese L 570
Ecological Biology 590 Korean with L 570
Molecular Biology 590 Latin 580
Chemistry 580 Spanish/Spanish L 570
Physics 580


Composite 26
Individual subject scores 24

How to Apply for McGill University Undergraduate Admission

  1. Know your deadlines.

    Mark your calendar with these important dates regarding your application.

  2. Decide what to study.

    Use the Program finder tool to explore over 300 undergraduate programs and find your best match.

  3. Check the minimum entrance requirements to see if you’re eligible.
  4. Consult the pre-application to-do list to figure out what you need and when.
  5. Submit your application.

    Review tips on how to apply. Remember that you can apply to two programs.

  6. Apply for an entrance scholarship.
  7. Submit documents and keep in touch.

The University will connect with you by email to let you know when to upload supporting documents where necessary.

Full details and links available at:

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