McGill University Tuition Fees for 2021/2022 International Undergraduate Students

McGill University Tuition Fees 2021/2022 Academic Session is published. All New & Old International Students are expected to check the cost of tuition fees. Are You wandering How much it costs to school at McGill University? Congratulations, You’ve come to the right place.

McGill University tuition fees for International Undergraduate Students

The Management of McGill University (McGill) has released the tuition fee structure for All Courses for 2021/2022 for international undergraduate students of the Academic Session. Fees vary based on the programme You are Undertaking. The school fees for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students are quite dissimilar.

McGill University Tuition Fees for 2021/2022 International Undergraduate Students

Here is the McGill University McGill tuition fee structure for 2021 international undergraduate students.

Students newly admitted as of Fall 2021Tuition per creditTuition per 30 crFees(1) per 30 crHealth & Dental


Total(3) per 30 cr
B Social Work (BSW)700.2221,006.671,704.001,278.0023,988.67
B Theology (BTH)700.2221,006.671,823.001,278.0024,107.67
B Education (BED)700.2221,006.671,756.001,278.0024,040.67
B Ed for Certified Teachers (BED-CT)700.2221,006.671,756.001,278.0024,040.67
B SC (Kinesiology) (BSCKIN)700.2221,006.671,756.001,278.0024,040.67
B Music/Bachelor of Education (BMUS-BED)741.1822,235.422,192.001,278.0025,705.42
B Arts (BA)*883.3426,500.201,823.001,278.0029,601.20
B Arts and Science (BARSCI)*883.3426,500.201,818.001,278.0029,596.20
B Science Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (BSCAES)782.1423,464.171,366.001,291.5526,121.72
B Science (Food Science) (BSCFSC)782.1423,464.171,366.001,291.5526,121.72
B Science (Nutritional Science) (BSCNUT)782.1423,464.171,366.001,291.5526,121.72
B Science Architecture (BSCARC)782.1423,464.172,229.001,278.0026,971.17
B Music (BMUS)782.1423,464.172,088.001,278.0026,830.17
B Nursing (BNUR)782.1423,464.171,704.001,278.0026,446.17
B Science (Nursing) (BSCNUR)782.1423,464.171,704.001,278.0026,446.17
B Sc (Rehab Sci) Occupational or Physical Therapy (BSCRS)782.1423,464.171,735.001,278.0026,477.17
B Eng Bioresource (BENGBR)1,639.0649,171.941,605.001,291.5552,068.49
B Engineering (BENG)1,639.0649,171.942,249.001,278.0052,698.94
B Software Engineering (BSE)1,639.0649,171.942,249.001,278.0052,698.94
B Civil Law Juris Doctor (BCLJD)1,639.0649,171.941,990.001,278.0052,439.94
B Science (BSC)1,639.0649,171.941,808.001,278.0052,257.94
B Commerce (BCOM)1,884.8056,544.121,875.001,278.0059,697.12

Download PDF containing tutiton fee details for other categories of students here.


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