How to Make Money Online as a Student in Canada

How to Make Money Online as a Student in Canada: Follow the steps below on how making online money as a student.

How to Make Money Online as a Student in Canada

There are a lot of reasons to look for ways to make money online in Canada  as a student. It can be a continuous form of passive income. It can also be a cool side hustle to bring in some extra dollars on top of your 9-5. Maybe you have a specific goal in mind, like saving for a vacation or trying to get out of debt. You might just be searching for something more aligned with your passions and values.

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Top ways to make money online

  • Start an eCommerce website and sell products online.
  • Find freelance jobs.
  • Start a YouTube channel.
  • Teach English online to make money.
  • Do jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  • Sell your craft on Etsy or Ebay.
  • Sell stock photos online.
  • Become a Virtual Assistant.

How can I earn money in Canada as a student?

Highest paying part-time jobs for international students in Canada
  1. Server / bartender (Average CA$13 per hour)
  2. Sales assistant (Average CA$14 per hour)
  3. Barista (Average CA$14 per hour)
  4. Dog walker (Average CA$15 per hour)
  5. Tutor (Average CA$16 per hour)
  6. Ride sharing driver / delivery driver (Average CA$19 per hour)

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