Concordia University undergraduate Requirements for International Students

Concordia University admission requirements for all the courses at the undergraduate level for American students have been published for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Concordia University


Concordia University undergraduate requirements for American Applicants. Check that you meet the requirements as stated below then proceed to apply for your desired course/program.

Concordia University Undergraduate Admission Requirement for Americans

Below are the Entry Requirements for Americans. Applicants are to read carefully before initiating the Admission application exercise.
Graduation from an accredited high school. Students at American curriculum schools should include a school profile with their admissions application.

ACT and SAT scores are not required.

AP exams are not required but you may qualify for advanced standing (see Advanced placement section below).

For detailed admissions requirements for your program of interest, please consult our A-Z program list.

Advanced Placement

SubjectConcordia course granted
(including credit values)
Art HistoryARTH 200 (6)* or GFAR (6)
BiologyBIOL 201 (3) and BIOL 1st year level (3)
Calculus AB MATH 203 (3), with exemption from MATH 201, 206 and 209*
Calculus BCMATH 203 (3) and MATH 205 (3), with exemption from MATH 201, 206 and 209*
ChemistryCHEM 205 (3) and CHEM 206 (3)
ChineseMCHI 1st year level (6)
Computer Science ACOMP 248 (3.5)
Economics: MacroeconomicsECON 203 (3)
Economics: MicroeconomicsECON 201 (3)
English Language and CompositionENGL 1st year level (6) 
English Literature and CompositionENGL 1st year level (6) 
Environmental ScienceGEOG 1st year level (3)
French LanguageFRAN 211 (6) 
French Language & CultureNo transfer credit awarded
French LiteratureFRAN 1st year level (6)
German Language and CultureGERM 200 (6) with exemptions for GERM 201 and GERM 202
Government and Politics: ComparativePOLI 203 (3)
Government and Politics: United StatesPOLI 1st year level (3), with an exemption for POLI 310
History: EuropeanHIST 1st year level (6)
History: United StatesHIST 251 (3) and HIST 253 (3)
Human GeographyGEOG 1st year level (3)
Italian Language and CultureITAL 200 (6) with exemptions for ITAL 201 and ITAL 202
JapaneseMODL 1st year level (6)
LatinCLAS 1st year level (6)
Music TheoryMUSI A (3) 
Physics 1No transfer credit awarded
Physics 2No transfer credit awarded
Physics 1 and Physics 2No transfer credit awarded
Physics C (Mechanics)PHYS 204 (3)
Physics C (Electricity and Magnetics)PHYS 205 (3)
PsychologyPSYC 200 (6)
Spanish Language and CultureSPAN 200 (6) with exemptions for SPAN 201 and SPAN 202
Spanish Literature and CultureSPAN 200 (6) with exemptions for SPAN 201 and SPAN 202
StatisticsMATH 1st year level (6)
Studio Art: DrawingSFAR A (6)
Studio Art :2-D Design:SFAR A (6)
Studio Art: 3-D Design:SFAR A (6)
World HistoryHIST 1st year level (6)

* minimum grade of 4 required.


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