Centennial College Courses for International Students

Centennial College can help you reach your goals of training for your current or future career, earning transfer credits for university studies, or preparing to work in Canada or abroad, . Centennial offers post-secondary, post-graduate and fast-track programs, as well as English Language Learning and Foundations programs for College and University Preparation.

The college offers 160 Programs, in 5 Campuses, and 7 Specialized Academic Schools.

Degree Programs

Due to limited capacity, demand by Canadian students or licensing requirements, some programs have restricted enrolment — they are not open to international applicants. Please consider alternative programs that are available to international students.

  • Any Apprenticeship program (including Pre-Apprenticeship and Co-op Apprenticeship)
  • Social Service Worker (Alternate Programs that are open to international students include: Developmental Service Worker, Community and Development Work)
  • Community and Justice Services (Alternates that are open: Law Clerk, Paralegal)
  • Food Service Worker (Alternate Program that is open: Nutrition and Food Service Management)
  • Pre-Service Firefighter
  • Aboriginal Programs
  • Paramedics or Paramedicine
  • Fitness and Health Promotion
  • Contact Center Operations
  • Addiction and Mental Health Worker
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Any nursing program, including:
    • BScN Nursing
    • Bridging to University Nursing
    • Bridging to University Nursing IENs only
    • Bridging to University Nursing Flex
    • Practical Nursing
    • Practical Nursing – Flexible
    • Practical Nursing Fast Track for IEN’s only

Note: The list of restricted programs is subject to change without notice.


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